Cambox Horse | Cambox Isi2 : Simple as hello! - Cambox Horse
Cambox Horse est le premier fabricant de caméras embarquées 100% dédiées aux sports équestres ! Capturez, revivez et partagez vos plus belles émotions à cheval grâce à la Cambox Isi2.
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Simple as hello!


Installs Quickly


Remove the protective paper backing

You’ll see the ultra-adhesive back of your

Velcro fastener that’s immediately ready to stick on

Place the Velcro adhesive fastener below the visor,
then press firmly on the entire surface

Voilà, you’re already ready!



Attaches Quickly

Ready in 3 seconds!

Hold your camera in the center of the Velcro fastener




Then, lightly press on the 3 sections
to make sure it is well-connected to the Velcro


Removes Quickly


Only takes 3 motions!




Turns on Quickly

3 seconds and it’s recording

You won’t even have time to say “action”…

A small, well-placed light shows you the camera’s

Simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds to start everything

Recharges Quickly

2 steps and you’re good to go

You won’t even have time to say “PHEW”!

Recharge your batteries with a simple USB port

Plug the USB cord into your computer or a USB-compatible charger

Plays Back Quickly

No installation required!

Nothing could be easier…





Debrief right away!

You’re outdoors?

There are several ways to instantly watch your videos…


Just remove your Cambox’s memory card and watch it on various devices

(Note: some SD readers or adaptors in this illustration are available as optional add-ons)