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Cambox Horse est le premier fabricant de caméras embarquées 100% dédiées aux sports équestres ! Capturez, revivez et partagez vos plus belles émotions à cheval grâce à la Cambox Isi2.
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Incredible design with rainbow colors !

Pick the Cambox ISI2 that fits you best from
our wide range of 18 available colors.

Optional Finishes

Personalize your camera to match your style.

Personalized text

Embossed or engraved logo

Inlaid with real Swarovski © crystals

Covered with high-end material,
such as leather or alcantara

Video Capacity

So many possibilities.



Max. recording time (in minutes)

(en minutes)


Max. memory capacity

(in GB)


Wide-angle lens

(in degrees)




Sensor resolution

(in millions of pixels)


Frame rate

(in number of images/sec.)


HD quality

(1280 x 720p resolution)





Dimensions and Weight

Everything was reduced.






Lens Tilt at Three Angles

You’ll change views.




For recording horizontally
(recreation, harness driving, horse races, etc.)


most often used
(jumping, cross-country, polo, horseball, etc.)


for shooting vertically, view of hands
(jumping, dressage, harness driving, etc.)




Button & Indicator

Simple as 1+1=2.

Indicator control light

ON/OFF button


Indicator Light Key

> Standby Mode : Steady blue indicator light

> Recording : Flashing blue indicator light

> Recharging : Steady, continuous red indicator light

> Battery Recharged : Steady blue indicator light

> Memory Card Missing : Fast flashing blue indicator light

ON/OFF Button Operation

> Turn on & Record : Long hold for 3 seconds

> Pause Recording : Short press for 1 second

> Exit Pause & Record : Short press for 1 second

> Turn Camera Off : Long hold for 3 seconds


Cover Opening & Connections

Uncover all the details.

Put your thumb in the indentation,
then rotate to open the cover




Unique ID plate with serial number and model

microSD© memory card
from 2 GB to 32 GB max.
(as an option depending on model)

USB cable, charge battery
and transfer file

Reset switch


What’s in the Box

Everything you need to get started.


box contains:

1 Cambox ISI2, 1 Velcro adhesive fastener, 1 SD memory card adaptor (depending on model), 1 USB cord, 1 lens cleaning cloth, 1 instruction booklet.




Video Recording

Fast and easy.

.AVI video file

1280 x 720p resolution

30 frames / second

new file created every 10 minutes

shoot video for 75 minutes = uses around 6 GB of memory

What are you waiting for? It’s made for you!

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