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Cambox Horse est le premier fabricant de caméras embarquées 100% dédiées aux sports équestres ! Capturez, revivez et partagez vos plus belles émotions à cheval grâce à la Cambox Isi2.
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Use it for all your activities!

Coaching – Training – Competing – Recreation

Cambox ISI2 can help you, no matter what your discipline!
From debriefing technique to sharing videos with
your community or friends online,
Cambox is known as the ideal video tool because
it’s designed specifically for equestrian activities.

You’re a rider…

Cambox is the ideal tool for analyzing your turns
and improving your techniques, such as holding
a steady gaze, anticipating the next obstacle,
calculating trajectory, breathing or using
natural voice aids.
It’s also the best angle for sharing your passion
with your team and your friends.

...Does your jumping test fly
by when performing?

Safely record with your Cambox!

Its ergonomic shape, light weight, and Velcro fastener system
make it easy to attach the camera to all types of helmet visors,
including your fabric cross-country skull cap!

It will allow you to analyze your cross-country route in-depth
and share it with your friends, coach or even your horse’s owner!

…a cross-country rider ?

Inconspicuously record with the elegant Cambox!

Our camera’s design lets you record while still
following competition attire dress codes!

With our lens that tilts 40°, you can shoot vertically to analyze
your hand position, your horse's attitude
or even the quality of your sequences.

…a dressage rider?

No more lost memories!

With a simple 3-second button press,
the camera starts recording,
immediately capture an event, landscape,
situation or memory.

Cambox is also an essential tool for analyzing
your races, feeding sequences or grooming phases.

…an endurance rider?

Cambox is all about being inconspicuous and elegant!

Its incredibly-light weight and Velcro fastener system
allow you to attach the camera directly to the brim of your hat!

It's in the perfect location to give you a realistic point of view,
while remaining inconspicuous and following attire dress codes.

...of western rider ?

Experience and share your best memories!

Who hasn't dreamed about reliving their most enjoyable moments?
Maybe it was a ride through the forest, a gallop
on the beach or an excursion with friends.
There are so many reasons to use our Cambox, the camera
that’s easy to install, easy to use and protected from impact.
It will always be ready for you to say “Action”!

…a recreational rider?

Share your point of view with your students !

Cambox is an important teaching tool because
it allows you to reproduce what you said and what you saw.

It is ultra-light and come with two moving arms
so it adapts perfectly to your hat, allowing
you to record what you see without
an inconvenience or constraints.

Are you a coach?

Relive and share your best marathons !

Ideally positioned close to your eyes
so you can accurately reproduce your marathon event.
Cambox has a swiveling lens so you can change
the viewing angle in order to record whatever you want,
from the horizon to your hands on the reins.
An debriefing ideal tool for drivers and their grooms!

Are you a four-in-hand driver?

Cambox, the camera of champions Just like Franck Nivard
with Bold Eagle in the Grand Prix d'Amérique,
record your best races and share them with your owners,
trainers and racegoers.
With an ideal, realistic viewing angle,
each driver can give others an inside look at their race!

Are you a driver?

Share your most amazing race experiences
With Cambox, you can wear a camera for the
first time without the slightest risk!
Its revolutionary design, lightness and Velcro fastener
method allow it to easily attach to all fabric skull caps!
This is the perfect tool for sharing your passion
with your friends, trainer or even your owner.

Are you a jockey?

Cambox has a double cap!
Our camera can be attached under the jockey’s cap
so you can debrief after the race.
It can also simply be attached to the brim of your
flat cap or hat so you can record all your training sessions.
Cambox is an excellent tool for teaching and
communicating with jockeys and owners.

Are you a trainer?

Shoot without worrying about bumps!
Ideally positioned below your polo helmet’s visor,
Cambox is protected from any impacts
and removes any risk of bumping so
your camera lasts longer.
With this camera, you’ll be able to relive
your match experiences, as well as improve
your team’s technique and strategy
by watching your video sequences.

Are you a polo player?

Relive and share your matches with Cambox!
Cambox respects your safety and is probably
the safest helmet camera on the market!
With it, there’s no risk of injury when you come in
contact with another player or pick a ball up off the ground.

Its position delivers an ultra-realistic image
that lets you relive the match and analyze
your successes or errors,
as well as refine the team’s strategy.

Are you a horseball player?

It's easy to record your exploits !
Cambox is probably the simplest helmet camera to use.
A single, easily-accessible button and a carefully-placed indicator
light make it easy for even the youngest riders to use our camera.
Record your best game moments and easily share
them with your family, friends and community.

Are you a pony-game rider ?

What are you waiting for?
It’s made for you!

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