Cambox Horse | Cambox Horse, fabricant de la Cambox Isi2 : caméra embarquée dédiée aux sports équestres.
La Cambox Isi2 est la première caméra embarquée dédiée aux sports équestres. Vous pourrez capturer, revivre et partager vos plus belles émotions à cheval !
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Cambox Isi3

For a new vision !

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Helmet Camera

for equestrian sports !

Attaches below all visors…

Its exclusive patented system of swiveling arms easily adapts to all visor shapes, whether they’re curved or straight, flexible or rigid.
This ground-breaking feature offers limitless ways to use the camera.




Incredibly Different!
Surprising, inconspicuous, light, modern
Cambox ISI2 represents a bold change to the brand’s design.
The unique system of swiveling covers gives it a clean design while protecting the onboard components and ports.
With its flowing lines that taper outwards, the Cambox ISI2 has a dynamic look that’s clean and appealing.

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Use it for all your activities!

Coaching – Training – Competing – Recreation

Learn why more than 3,500 users rely on our Cambox system.

You’ll love its ingenious design and fastener system

it’s safe, easy to use and virtually invisible…


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It’s completely safe!

A new standard in safety

Maintains full protection

Nothing is attached to the helmet’s shell so that it provides full head protection.

Conforms to visor’s shape

The camera perfectly conforms to the visor’s shape whether it’s curved or straight.

Stays close to visor

Camera does not stick out from the visor, limiting risk that it will disrupt sight line.

Moves with visor deformations

With its exclusive system of swiveling arms, the camera moves with visor deformations and absorbs inertia from shocks.

Uses safe fastener system

No bolts or drilling on the helmet. The camera attaches below the visor with Velcro©.

Detaches in case of violent impact

If the visor is subjected to a violent impact, the Velcro© fastener system allows camera to safely detach.

Do you see me ?

You will be surprised as much as the people you will meet so much our helmet camera is discreet !


Ideally positioned under your visor, with a thin, clean design, your Cambox will remain out of sight.


The Cambox Isi2 is virtually invisible !

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Practically invisible !

The camera is 95% invisible and you’ll have a hard time seeing it from a distance, even in photos taken with a zoom lens.

You won’t have to waste time in Photoshop erasing your clumsy mounted camera from your photos.

Ideally positioned !

Positioned in the center of the helmet and just above your eyes, the camera has a realistic rider’s point of view, which has never been possible before.

Completely constraint-free !

Its record-breaking light weight means you can keep it hidden below all types of visors: helmets, caps, jockey & cross-country skull caps, and hats.

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It’s completely elegant
Stunning finishes!

18 colors to choose from

Crystal finishes

Personalized text

Special series

Knows how to stay in place!

At 1.3 ounces, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

Combines new technology with expertise!

We use 3D printers to make our plastic parts,
which are then assembled by hand in our shop.

Made in France

It’s complete simple

Ready in a few seconds…

Install your Cambox in record time thanks to its intelligent fastener system. Once you’ve attached the Velcro, you can put the camera on or remove it in just a few seconds.

Check out our helmet camera’s simple design—it’s the least complicated on the market.

Just one button does everything (and that’s more than enough)!

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  • Pick up Velcro fastener
  • Remove the protective backing
  • Apply fastener to bottom of visor
  • Stick your Cambox below the visor
  • Press the button for 3 seconds



you’re ready to go!

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